Online education is coming soon!

Learn even better than school

We have many professional who can help your kids' homework and learn more in many classes like English reading and writing and math classes.

Enjoy your family time when your kids go home.

We will take care your kids' homework and practice piano every day. They will finish everything you prefer before home and have fun with you on movie time or family night out.

Have fun after school time

Youth will have fun in any of our classes instead of play video game or watch TV at home.

10 reasons that you will choose our club.

After School Program

English Reading and Writing


Chinese Reading and Writing

Art (Drawing and Painting)

Music (Piano, Violin, Viola,

               Guitar and Ukulele)

Fashion Design



33444 Alvarado - Nile Road
Union City, CA 94587
(510) 565-5168

Have small vacation on the weekend

Youth can learn everything on the weekdays and save the weekend for your family small vacation.

Performance all the time

We have 4 times formal shows per year and 1 performance per month. Scientific research in 1981 report that kids who performance all the time,  they are good on study in school. The reason is they get a lot of attention from many people, they don't want to show any failure including study.

To be fast learner

Medical research in 1978 report that kids who learn piano can help to grow better of their left and right brain. Senior who keep playing piano all the time can help to heal Alzheimer's Disease. Also, they  always charming with noble temperament. 

Learn ahead before college

All art, music and design classes we teach will follow the requirements  of college. We will guide your kids to be young artists.

Challenge with others

Challenge other kids with all the things they learn. We have games and matches for all the classes. Your kids can challenge with others inside or outside of the Young Artists Club

Show your talents

All performances are directed by your kids - screenwriter, edit, act, 

Online education

You can learn anytime and anywhere. For Chinese classes, our lessons are match China community school levels. You can also buy hard copy or digital lesson books or reading books. 
We guarantee low price.